Columbia Nights

In All Things LP In Stores Now

“The group themselves say they’re ‘in search of a bold new approach to black music.’ Intrigued? You should be. We think they’re onto something.” -Okayplayer

“Overall, In All Things feels like the realization of 1970s soul, something that feels distinctly vintage and forward-looking while remaining in the present." -Washington City Paper

"Joined by a handful of associates, Columbia Nights come off as whiz-kid progeny of the Native Tongues and Soulquarians who have absorbed every recording referenced or sampled by those collectives “ -AllMusic

"Sinewy and soft to the touch, these relaxingly melodic lines are both vibe heavy and groovetastic, the kind of album used be heads to illustrate their musical seriousness and good taste."

"Columbia Nights... effectively carry the listener off into a daydream-like state, with their stripped back electronic soul groove." -SoulBounce

“Imagine a perfectly beautiful album day, the sun shining through the trees that are growing ever increasingly bare with the last few golden leaves linger on the branches… Dawn | Dusk is purely blissful, transient, electro soul.” -BamaLoveSoul.Com

"Soulfully mellow with the right amount of everything.“

"Columbia Nights shine a light through the bleakness with their soul-warming, transmutative new album ‘Dawn | Dusk’.”  -Giant Step

“A wicked touch in the studio, and one that’s mighty darn fresh overall! The record’s in a crispy blend of mellow beats and stretched-out keys – yet it’s also handled in ways that are nicely different than the norm.” -Dusty Groove

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